Best Vegan Cosmetic Brands In The UK

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Being vegan can be a tough task. From the food you eat to the cosmetics you use, you are always on the lookout to avoid ingredients that aren’t cruelty-free. Any kind of exploitation of animals for food, clothing or other purposes should be avoided.

Within the vegan lifestyle, all obvious animal products are to be omitted. This means refraining from meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products and honey, as well as leather, wool and silk — products derived from or produced by animals. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify which products are made from plants and which products are made from animals.

Sadly, many mainstream beauty products are filled with dangerous chemicals or tested on animals, making them not appropriate for vegans or those concerned with cruelty to animals. However, with so many young people switching to veganism and vegetarianism, the vegan beauty market is expanding rapidly. Luckily, more and more ingenious cruelty-free products are being created which are guaranteed to give you a gorgeous glow.

There are more and more innovative products coming out on the market that can protect you against free radicals and be cruelty-free at the same time. With the following vegan brands, you can be beautiful and completely guilt-free.

Isla Apothecary

This unique brand offers a good range of tailored skin care products. They celebrate ritualistic skin care with a unique blend of organic oils and serums.

Their Jasmine Sunset Radiance Oil contains essential fatty acids that can restore your skin’s moisture and radiance.


Inika firmly stands as one of Australia’s favourite vegan beauty brands. They offer a cruelty-free and synthetic-free range of makeup products made from natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients used in their products come mostly from organic farms and you can find anything from an organic mineral eye-shadow to a vegan mascara.

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MOSSA is a natural cosmetics brand that offers facial cleansing and toning products suitable for all skin types. Their products are divided into two groups according to age and skincare needs.

Their skincare products are also uniquely developed based on the vitamin formulae of Nordic berries which have been certified by ECOCERT. Keep your skin supple and vibrant with their organic anti-ageing products, such as their Youth Defence Cleansing Creme. It contains natural cleansing ingredients that will gently purify the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.

Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics is a much-celebrated brand in the world of vegan cosmetics. Their range natural beauty products can leave your skin, and hair looking and feeling healthy without all the junk. Their vegan anti-wrinkle cream hydrates and nourishes the skin for a smoother appearance.


PHB products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They create specialised skin care remedies that contain plant-based active ingredients to help cure acne, rosacea, pigmentation, eczema and psoriasis.

The products are free from irritants and harsh chemicals, which means that they are also suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Eco By Sonya

Eco by Sonya is an innovative vegan-friendly cosmetics brand that offers a range of natural and organic tanning products. You can be guaranteed that their products contain purely natural ingredients as they are certified by The Organic Food Chain in Australia.

Australian certifiers are known to have the strictest organic standards for food and cosmetics, as synthetic or GMO ingredients are strictly prohibited. This means that petroleum-based substances as well as synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives are not present.

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At Eco Beauty Crew, we offer a range of certified organic beauty products for the hair and skin. This is your one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, all year round. Depending on the certification, at least some of the ingredients also come from organic farming. Animal products and cruel experimentation are out of the question for our natural cosmetics.