Multi-tasking makeup is becoming ever more popular. Whether its to save money time or space in your makeup bag the market is brimming with multi-taskers offering all of these benefits. But, did you know that so many of your great everyday makeup essentials can lend themselves to many tasks.
This weeks spotlight is on the ZAO Eyebrow Powder. Many of us have this humble product in our beauty arsenal, but when it comes to double-up duty the Zao Eyebrow Powder gets our vote. This Eyebrow Powder can do so much more than just brows. This product lends itself perfectly to multi-tasking it is highly pigmented, gives a matte finish and is not too powdery so no fall out.

Want to master multi-tasking?, CLICK HERE to watch the full tutorial.

Brows: To delicately beautify your eyebrows, the “eyebrow powder” is your saviour! It helps to naturally expand the line of your eyebrows and give shape and definition.
Healthily manicured eyebrows are key to framing your eyes and face, defining your look.
Using a spooley brush, gently brush through the brows. For the area before the arch, brush upward and out. For the arch and tail, tilt the bottom of your brush down a bit further, and brush the remaining area slightly downward and out.
You are now ready to start filling your brow.
Take an angled liner brush (The EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo Set is your perfect brow toolkit) and dip into the brow powder, using it to fill any gaps or sparse areas. Be sure that when filling in, the brush is used to shade in, rather than tilting in a manner that creates harsh lines. Use the heaviest amount of powder on the spaces you wish to fill.
Next, take the angled brush and use it to line the bottom of your brow line. Use the spooley brush to lightly soften any harsh edges if needed.

Shade: You can apply the Zao Eyebrow Powder as an eyeshadow to your crease to define and add instant lift.
This powder comes in two medium/brown shades which are good transitional shades between your eyelids and your highlight and work perfectly for a natural look as they are matte and there is no shimmer to the finish.
Using an eyeshadow brush, apply to the crease in a light sweeping motion being careful not to go too far outside from the eyebrow line, or too much inside the eye. This will create an instant lift. Repeat this step as much as desired to intensify the colour.
Now, it’s time to blend. Swipe your blending brush, back and forth around the crease without any product on it to blend and lift.

Contour: Contouring is a great way to enhance and define your features and does not need to be over complicated.
Taking a powder brush apply a small amount of the powder, remember, it is easier to add more, so start off with a light hand, you can build up intensity if desired. Using the top of your ear as a guide, find your cheekbone and apply just underneath your cheekbones stopping once the line is parallel to the middle of your eye. You can take the contour shade onto your temples and top of forehead for a narrower looking face, sides of the nose, and jawline. Blend in until there are no harsh lines.

ZAO has developed 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Certified organic by Ecocert, this brand is free from all toxic chemicals including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative.

Let yourself be seduced by luminous colours and textures combining comfort and long lasting hold. An innovative range of products presented in a modern and botanical material: bamboo.

Zao Makeup is Vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free. Explore the range.