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Happy Skin Essentials Set Gift pack

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Happy Skin Essentials contains the most gorgeous Madara treats, suitable for all skin types:

1 x Exfoliating Oil to Milk Scrub 60ml (Full size) – Forget harsh scrubs, this luxurious and rich oil based exfoliating formula smoothly transforms into a delicate milk to gentley cleanse, soften and renew the skin without stripping natural moisture.

1 x Micellar Water 100ml (Full Size) – All-in-one, no rinse cleansing. Ideal for daily use and perfect for travel. Removes make-up and impurities. Balances and hydrates even sensitive skin in one single step

Set valued at £36

Happy Skin Essentials Set Gift pack

Oil to Milk Scrub:
Squeeze into dry palms and massage over dry skin in circular motions, then add a splash of water to melt the oil into a delicate milk and rinse off. Pat skin dry, follow with a toner and moisturiser. Exfoliate skin two to three times a week.

Micellar Water:
Apply onto a cotton pad, wipe over face, eyes and lips.

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