Acorelle Sugar Wax Roll-on Wax with Strips 100ml


This easy to use roll-on was made with beginners to waxing in mind. The roll-on applicator applies just the right amount of wax for best results. Most commonly used on legs and under arms.

Effective even on short hairs, this formula combines organic cane sugar & lemon to remove hair and hair bulbs for approximately 3 weeks. Ideal for sensitive skin. For detailed instructions click on the How to Use tab.

This pack contains

1 x 100ml roll-on oriental wax (Enough wax for both legs and under arms) + FREE ADDITIONAL 100ml REFILL

10 x strips of washable & reusable non woven paper

Acorelle Sugar Wax Roll-on Wax with Strips 100ml.

To help prevent in-grown hairs remember to exfoliate 24 to 48 hours prior to waxing, try not to exfoliate on the day of waxing as the skin needs to settle after exfoliation. We recommend using the Acorelle Body Scrub for normal skin types and the Lovea body scrub for very dry skin types. This wax works at low temperatures but for optimum results warm in a bowl of hot water before use. Waxing works best on cool, dry skin for this reason always wax BEFORE bathing or showering. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, then press one of the re-usable strips onto the wax (press the strip down in the direction of hair growth), then pull off in the opposite direction to hair growth. The reusable strips are easily cleaned with warm water. To inhibit hair regrowth and increase the length of time between waxing sessions try the Acorelle Skin Glorifiers which are available for the face & body. If you suffer from bikini bumps or in-grown hairs under the arms or on any other parts of the body try using the Acorelle in-grown hair treatment after waxing. This product contains AHA fruit acids which removes dead skin cells and keeps the hair follicle clear.

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