Ere Perez

Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil - Forest 1.1g

£9 £16.85

Go wild with this soft deep forest green eyeliner pencil inspired by nature. Soft natural eyeliner pencil. A soothing formulation of oils including jojoba, considered to help protect your eyelid and stimulate lash growth. Gentle on eyes, suitable for sensitivities. Frame eyes or smudge before drying for a smoky look. Practical design for easy application.

First, sharpen eye pencil with our eco sharpener to achieve a round point for a smooth application.
Apply a base eye shadow or powder over the eye lid to absorb oil and mattify the lid.
To apply eye pencil to the top eyelid, make dots along the lash line where the lashes meet the skin.
Next, connect the dots in a sweeping line along the eyelid. For a smudged effect use our eco vegan smudge & shade eye brush over line to blur edges.
Apply one or more layered lines for a darker look.
For lower eyelid, apply on the inner rim as close to the lashes as possible.

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