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Bloomtown Botanicals Nourishing Soap Bar: The Cafe (Coffee, Vanilla & Hazelnut) 100g


Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with notes of cocoa and toasted hazelnut. You're going to want to eat this soap, but please don't! We use real fair trade, organic arabica coffee beans and fair trade, organic raw cocoa to give this bar a gentle scrubbiness. Yes, that's a word.

All soaps are handcrafted in small batches with the perfect balance of premium plant oils and butters to wash away dirt, oil and makeup while leaving skin soft, never dry.

All soaps are natural products made by hand, therefore you may notice differences in colour and texture; these are natural variations and do not impact the products' quality or effectiveness…we promise.

No Palm Oil
No Sulphates
No Parabens
No Petrochemicals
No Phthalates
No Synthetic Colours

Bloomtown Botanicals Nourishing Soap Bar: The Cafe (Vanilla & Hazelnut) 100g

Ideal for daily cleansing of face, hands and body.
Store in a cool, dry place.
For a longer lasting bar, store on a free-draining, slatted soap dish.

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