Ere Perez

Ere Perez Moisturising Macadamia Oil Lipcolour - Me 4.5g


A caramel-brown neutral lip colour. The neutral colour is designed to suit your complexion and create an expert natural makeup look. With natural macadamia oil, this creamy lipstick colour gives great coverage while also healing, soothing and moistening lips. How to choose? This is your colour if you have naturally blonde, red or warm tones in your hair and tanned/olive skin.

First step is to choose the right shade for you!
It’s easy: YOU is for women with fair skins, freckles and/or pinkish blue undertones. ME is your shade if you have naturally olive or tanned skin, blonde, warm red and brown or silver hair
So, once you’ve found your colour, simply apply after your makeup to complete the ultimate natural look.
Can be worn with or without Ere Perez NAUGHTY lip liner, your lips’ new best friend.

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