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Essense Nutrition Kudzu Root Powder - 500mg - 90 tablets


Essense Nutrition Kudzu Root Powder - 500mg - 90 tablets 


If you look at it, then the Kudzu vine would look like any other member of the pea family. However, unlike the others, it is highly beneficial for human beings. Yes, you have seen it right. Since ancient times, the doctors have been using the Kudzu plant extracts as a natural liver detox. On the other hand, the roots of the same are used for regulating the glucose level in your blood. However, that’s not all. There’s a lot more to it. So, let’s check it out. For starters, the Kudzu supplements contain a high amount of blood regulatory components. Hence, if you couple it with regular exercise and a healthy diet, then you will be able to boost the health of the heart quite easily. Additionally, it can also help you to maintain your blood glucose level. Moreover, we have prepared each of our capsules with extreme care and precision. Therefore, even if you consume them on a daily basis, you would not encounter any side effects at all. However, just to be safe and careful, we would suggest you to follow your doctor's advice meticulously.


HELPS WITH HEADACHE: As mentioned before, the Kudzu plant extracts can improve your body's blood circulation system to some extent. Therefore, if you do consume it on a regular basis, then your brain will receive an adequate amount of oxygen. This, in turn, will reduce the frequency as well as the severity of your headache.


SUPPORT MUSCLE PAIN: Muscle pain is something, which almost every elder individuals deal with daily. Have you been encountering the same issues as well? Then, you can opt for our Kudzu capsule! The compounds available in can relax your muscles. So, with it, you can definitely cure muscle problems or sores.

SUPPORT GLUCOSE METABOLISM: The Kudzu root supplements can also help in regulating your glucose level as well. The vine contains a few ingredients, which can extract the sugar away from the fatty cells. Hence, it can also aid you in reducing your weight as well.


TAKES CARE OF THE SWEATING ISSUES: Besides all these, our Kudzu supplementary capsule also promotes sweating, it, in turn, can be quite beneficial for your health as well as the immune system.


LIVER DETOXIFICATION: Kudzu root is very helpful  to detox liver. It can flush out and detox harmful toxins from liver.      


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