Giovanni - D-Tox Purifying Body Scrub (Step 2) - 170g

£5 £8.30

For a full body D:tox and deep cleansing of pores.

Three steps to skin purification:

Only from Giovanni 3-step D:tox System, a premium detoxifying body care system.

Steps 1 and 2 lift impurities, polish and purify with activated charcoal and volcanic ash. Step 3 hydrates and replenishes with super-antioxidants acai and goji berry. Free of toxins. Nourished.

Use the entire Giovanni D:tox System product line as part of your daily skin purification regimen.

Deep within skin, debris and toxins reside, clouding your skin's natural radiance. Polish them away with Giovanni D:tox System® purifying exfoliant body scrub. Activated charcoal and volcanic ash combine, diving deep into poors, absorbing debris. Whisking away bacteria and toxins.

Making way for exotic acai and goji berry, super- antioxidants hand- harvested at their peak for maxium nourishment. Skin is left gently fragranced with essential oils of luscious fig and clean green tea. Giving you clarity for mind, body and soul.

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