Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Shampoo - 399ml


Resuscitate the look of lacklustre locks with the Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Shampoo. Designed to restore resilience to brittle strands, this colour-safe shampoo helps to leave locks clean, fresh and full of life.

The formula is enriched with a careful blend of ingredients, foaming into a rich, creamy lather when applied to the hair. A cocktail of organic oils cloaks your lengths in a veil of moisture, helping to promote supple, silky tresses. Hemp Seed Oil seeks to strengthen your locks while Aloe Vera, Turmeric and Chamomile work in unison to soothe, hydrate and purify from root to tip.

Built to achieve bright, healthy-looking results, the shampoo gently lifts away any dirt, grime or impurities that may be plaguing our scalp and ends. The formula is safe to use on colour-treated tresses, meaning it won’t strip, dull or damage your hair. Providing a thorough cleanse, this Giovanni shampoo conditions and recharges limp, thirsty locks.

Colour-safe and sulphate-free.


Lather onto wet hair, then rinse thoroughly.



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