Green People

Green People Firming Eye Serum 10ml NFCC Organic

£11 £13

Instantly firming and refreshing anti-ageing organic eye serum

  • Chicory clinically tested – over 90% of women confirmed an immediate tightening effect
  • Increases long-term collagen production by over 15% to promote smoother, firmer skin
  • Plant actives to help reduce puffiness, works well under eye make-up
  • Alcohol-free and anti-inflammatory, suitable for sensitive and delicate skin
  • Organic Perilla, Chicory, Tara Bush, Marshmallow & Irish Moss

Apply a small amount of Firming Eye Serum to the skin around the eyes using light, tapping motions.

Use at any time of day – try it before (or after) partying!

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