Laid Bare

Laid Bare Clean as a Whistle - Body Wash 250ml


With Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin Complex and Laidbare Unique Tranquil Flower 100% Natural Fragrance. Cleanse the skin daily, Laidbare Body wash is suitable for all skin types. With the antioxidant of Grapefruit seed extract, full of anti bacterial and cleansing properties, to help rid the skin of impurities. High in vitamins C and E, repairing and protecting skin cells without clogging pores. Apply all over the skin for delicious, fragrant, soft, clean skin. Moisturise for deep hydration with Laidbare Butter Me Up Body Butter. Target stubborn ‘orange peel’ wobbly areas with Laidbare Smooth As A Peach.


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