Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 120ml

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This natural cream calms and soothes and reduces swelling, whilst also repelling water and helping the skin seal in moisture. It is fragrance free and preservative free – suitable for the most sensitive skin including new born babies.

CALENDULA BENEFITS The herb Calendula has been used traditionally for hundreds, possibly thousands of years to soothe inflammation and promote healing. It is now known that it contains many beneficial compounds such as caretenoids and flavenoids. Today it is widely recognised as a non-steroid treatment for eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, rashes, and insect bites. It is also used to help heal tattoos and skin damaged with radiation therapy. Whilst there are no cures for the chronic skin conditions mentioned, many people find using high quality Calendula products (that don’t contain other irritating ingredients) can be beneficial, especially in conjuction with a holistic management programme.
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ZINC OXIDE BENEFITS Zinc Oxide has also been used for thousands of years to address skin damage, soothing and healing. It’s astringent properties shrink swollen tissue. At Lyonsleaf we hear many anecdotal reports, from women with perioral dermatitis, acne or rosacea, that products with zinc oxide effectively reduces swelling. Many of our customers tell us they use a Zinc cream along with our original Calendula Cream to tackle redness and swelling of angry blemishes. These reports have motivated Lyonsleaf to create this product with both active ingredients. It is also rumoured that zinc oxide gently rebalances oily skin suggesting it may be useful it useful to treat, excessive sebum production, the root cause of conditions like acne and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

BARRIER CREAM There is no doubt that Zinc Oxide is fantastic when it comes to repelling moisture. This product will protect sensitive or damaged skin when bathing, hands frequently washing up, or little bottoms that still wear a nappy (be warned! – it’s so good it wont easily wash off of clothes or cloth nappies).

NATURAL MOISTURISER Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula Cream effectively hydrates skin by improving skin barrier function and sealing in moisture. The epidermis’ ability to regulate itself is not compromised (as it is with occlusive mineral oils) and it can draw water from the dermis below and from the air around it (the reason you don’t need water in your moisturiser).

PRESERVATIVE FREE Because it is water-free Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream does not require the anti-microbial preservatives or emulsifiers that often irritate sensitive skin. It is made from 100% active, natural ingredients, bursting with a myriad of vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial compounds. It does not contain any petrochemical derived ingredients.

• Use to soothe, calm and reduce redness and itching • Moisture repellent • Suitable for very sensitive skin and problem skin • Made with 100% plant oils and mineral ingredients • Abundant in vitamins, antioxidants and other phyto-nutrients • Made with sun-stable oils that do not oxidise • Halts free-radical damage • Contains all the fatty acids your skin requires to naturally maintain skin barrier • Allows skin to regulate itself naturally

FREE FROM: • Preservatives (Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, MI, etc) • Emulsifiers or solubilisers (that damage skin barrier) • Artificial colour • Fragrance

SUITABLE: • Dry skin • Oily skin • Normal skin • Very sensitive skin • Babies and Children

Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula Cream 120ml

Apply Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula Cream to skin as required.

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