ZAO Cream Eye Shadow


A velvety texture with a light powdered finish for a sparkling and colourful effect. The bright colours can be used on their own or combined for an intense effect. Its specific texture allows the ZAO cream eyeshadow to transform into a corrector, lipstick or blush on the go, that”s why we also call it Multi Touch.

Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case and attractively presented in a cotton pouch with drawstring, ZAO makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure.

The creamy texture allows it to blend naturally with the skin to give a surprisingly powdery finish. This eye shadow is applied with the finger. Take a small amount and apply it on the eyelid with little pats. Gently soften with a small brush for a more accurate result, especially at the inner corner of the eye. You can apply just one colour on the eyelid, or combine colours as you wish. For a longer lasting effect, apply it as an eye shadow powder.

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