ZAO Pencil Eyeliner Black


Discover our new range of pencils for eyes, lips and eyebrows. Find some intense and deep colors to highlight your eyes and contour of your lips. Experience an easy make-up with soft and tender lids. Organic certified formulas, respectful of your skin, specially dedicated for sensitive eyes and skin (suitable for contact lens wearers).

The eye pencil is perfect to emphasize your look. To be applied at the edge of the eyelashes of each eyelid for an intense makeup. Draw a line of varying thickness starting from the outer corner. Blend a bit the line on the lower eyelid with less intensity for a balanced look. Apply eye pencil before eye shadow to set the makeup.

The lip liner allows you to draw your lips and is best used in conjunction with a ZAO lipstick or gloss, as it prevents bleeding and smudging. Feel free to powder with ZAO mineral silk or compact powder to fix the line


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